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 Licensed counselors affiliated with PWF are available for victims who are dealing with the aftermath of a violent act. The PWF recognizes that healing from a trauma draws upon an individual’s physical, mental and spiritual resources. Directed and private counseling is completely confidential. PWF offers:

  • Youth and family empowerment programs
  • Working with at-risk troubled youth
  • Trauma Touch: Unlocking the trauma, shock and stress of domestic violence
  • Safety Awareness Programs
  • Therapeutic martial arts for youth


Second Hope Project: PWF provides prevention and protection programs in order to help resolve domestic violence. Our Second Hope Project group sessions are held weekly. Private sessions may also be arranged. Certified instructors will prepare you to think smarter and develop the essential skills and awareness to keep yourself out of dangerous situations and to get away from attackers, abductors and abusers.

  • Personal protection and integrative learning through prevention training


Additional legal counseling and ministry services may also be arranged through PWF. Please contact us for more information.

  • Legal services. Legal services and advice can be arranged through PWF with Gregg A. Manes LPA, Attorney.
  • Counseling. Additional counseling dealing with trauma, anger management and behavior modification with adults, teenagers and adolescents can be arranged through The Reality of Hope.

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