About Us

Heal - Protect - Thrive

The courage to begin is the first step towards change and freedom

That's what our foundation is about: the courage to begin... to change... and claim your freedom.

Change is a difficult proposition for most of us, but it is not something that has to be done alone. PWF was established for the very purpose of helping to promote positive change in the lives of others by providing counseling, mentoring, life skills coaching and self protection training. From the inside out, our program encourages character development, personal growth, goal setting, self confidence, raises self esteem and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist victims of violent crimes such as domestic abuse, human trafficking, rape, LGBTQ & BIPOC abuse and bullying by restoring dignity, confidence and a sense of wellbeing while promoting personal, civic and moral values through education, self protection training, counseling and encouragement.

Incorporated in 2010, PWF was organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes, such as operating a school for children and adults aimed at educating, encouraging and empowering individuals to promote their overall physical and mental well being, to foster positive personal civic and moral values, to concentrate on improving total overall health and well being and to develop knowledge and skills for personal protection.

Our Board of Directors

Pam Petrosino, CEO

Al Petrosino, Jr., President

Michelle Ruddle, Vice President

Shane Creekmore, Vice President

Joan Kaplan, Secretary

Attorney Gregg Manes, Treasurer

Director of Training: Al Petrosino, Sr.

Pam Petrosino

Pam Petrosino is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Petrosino Well-Being Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting women and children who have been victimized by violent crime.

Pam and husband Al are lifelong residents of the Akron, Ohio area. The similarity in their backgrounds doesn’t stop there. Both had parents who were skilled, knowledgeable entrepreneurs and who instilled a commitment to community and helping others.

Pam founded the Petrosino Personal Protection and Wellness Center, Inc. She is an alternative holistic practitioner, offers massage, therapeutic touch, reiki, craniosacral & alternative psychology in her practice. She is a Certified Personal Women’s Safety Instructor, and a Martial Arts Instructor. She is a life member of the M.I.N.D.S Association.

Pam also volunteers with the  “Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution Project (SOAP), a hands on outreach program that fights sex trafficking through education and awareness.

Al Petrosino

Al Petrosino, Sr. is the founder of the Petrosino Personal Protection Training System. Al developed, and then patented Street Protect Principle ™. He is a certified instructor in a number of the martial arts, including Moo Duk Kwan and Yoshitsune Ju-Jutsu. He has been recognized with a host of awards for his martial arts acumen, including the USA Self Defense Champion from 1993-1997. Al is a Certified Executive Protection Specialist for the International Training Council, and has been trained in Counter Terrorist tactics as well as Rape Prevention and Drug Awareness. Al is also is affiliated with National Security, I.D. #1496 for Missing and Exploited Children in the State of Ohio. Al has been Inducted into the Summit County Hall of Fame in 2003 and Who’s Who in 2004.

Al now teaches the "Real Safe" personal protection course for realtors. This course is approved by the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing. 

Our Tri-Colored Ribbon

You've seen cause awareness ribbons in various colors for specific causes. A new cause awareness ribbon has been created for PWF consisting of three colors:

Teal stands for Rape, Sexual Assault

Blue stands for Anti-Bullying, Child Abuse, Crime Victim's Rights, Human Trafficking, Prevent School Violence

Purple stands for Domestic Violence

Please support PWF as we stand up for these causes.

PWF tri-colored ribbon

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